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As an artist, you want to focus on your craft and have your site help you with the business aspect of things. Let me help you showcase your work in the best possible way  without clutter and by creating a smooth navigation experience while also teaching you how you can take it forward as your artistic career grows. 

If you are looking to sell your work, I can make sure that your product/service is showcased in a striking way. If you are a performer as I am, let me show you in your best light in a minimalistic and eye catching way from the opening of your homepage so that casting directors will want to keep looking through your page.

I want to make sure that every website I design for you gets the time it deserves and addresses all your needs. Here is what you get in your initial artist package:

  • Starting at $500

  • Up to 5 CUSTOM DESIGNED pages focused on your specific branding as an artist 

  •  2 rounds of revisions

  •  Custom favicon

  •  Help getting a custom domain or transferring/redirecting current domain

  •  Basic SEO Integration

  •  General Editing Tutorial to take over website management

  •  Discount of up to 50%off the first year of your website hosting with WIX including a free first year domain

  • A website you can manage BY YOURSELF.

A list of website add-ons including extra pages, product sale pages, resume reformatting, side gig pages and more are available. I’m here for what you need.

Let's put your career on the map.


Artist's Websites

Please note: This is a special price specifically tailored to artist's sites. For all other websites, please contact me for a custom quote.
Payment Plans are available upon request. A deposit is needed to get started.

Artist's Website

Business' Website

Although my portfolio is small, it is growing. I have worked and trained in building a variety of sites around businesses and their needs, from online presence, to e-commerce, to online bookings and more. I will work exclusively with you, so I will dedicate the time needed and address any questions or concerns you have along the way and after. Having a small business myself, I know the struggles one faces without the right online presence. Therefore with my research, creativity and your own ideas, we can make sure to give your business the presence and approach it requires for your clientele. 

The DA Desings Business Basic Package:

  • Starting at $900

  • 5 fully customized pages (Online presence only) 

  • Up to 3 rounds of edits to get the site perfectly to your specs!

  • Mobile optimized design

  • Basic WIX SEO implementation

  • Custom SEO implementation for all pages on the site (and products sold)

  • Social Feeds implementation

  • Assistance in getting a custom domain or connecting your existing domain

  • Custom Designed Favicon

  • Editing Tutorial giving you the option of taking over website management when my work is done!

  • A 50% discount and free domain for a year on the Wix hosting platform may be available. 


Available to add-on: Logo(s), Extra Pages, Online bookings, Blog Packages, E-Commerce Options, Subscriptions (Opt-in), Donation options, Membership Areas, Event & Calendar Integration, Domain Email, Email Campaigns and more available upon request.

Get in touch! I’ll provide you with a customized quote based on your website’s specific needs. Whether you know exactly what you want or have the vaguest of a vision, I’ve got you. I’m here to work at your pace and specifications.


Business' Websites

Please note: Payment Plans are available upon request. A deposit is needed to get started.

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